Recipe Development Project using Canadian Farmed Seafood

To encourage consumption of Canadian farmed seafood, CAIA has introduced a new recipe portal on its website.

In 2016, CAIA partnered with the Food Bloggers of Canada (FBC) on a recipe development and food photography project featuring Canadian farmed seafood.

With the support of FBC, CAIA worked with three creative and talented Canadian food bloggers in the execution of this project:

The high-quality photos produced showcase artfully-styled prepared seafood dishes featuring a diversity of Canadian farmed products including salmon, mussels, oysters and rainbow trout.

The recipes and photos have been published on a dedicated recipe portal of the CAIA website. Browse our collection of recipes and photos here: CAIA Farmed Seafood Recipe Portal

Through the portal, CAIA hopes to promote the diversity and quality of Canadian farmed seafood, to inspire audiences to eat more seafood more often. We also hope to raise consumer confidence in the selection, purchase and preparation of seafood.

CAIA will share the photos and recipes in the promotion of Canadian aquaculture across its social media platforms including Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.