About Us

Uniting Canada’s Seafood Farmers

Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) is the national association that speaks for Canada’s seafood farmers, representing their interests in Ottawa to regulators, policy makers and political leaders.

With a membership that reaches coast to coast to coast, comprised of finfish, shellfish and aquatic plant farmers, feed companies and suppliers, as well as regional aquaculture associations, CAIA is a passionate advocate for the quality and sustainability of farmed seafood.



A competitive, sustainable, diverse and growing farmed-raised seafood sector that contributes economic, environmental and public health benefits to Canada.


The Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance is a national forum that is dedicated to advocating and advancing the farm-raised seafood sector in Canada.


Environmental Stewardship
Healthy Food
Healthy Work Places
Healthy Communities


The principal objectives of CAIA are:

  • To provide a strong, independent and united voice for Canada’s aquaculture industry on the national and international scenes;
  • To be an effective and proactive advocate for Canadian aquaculture interests in relation to national public policy;
  • To lead the development of a national aquaculture strategy, and to foster cooperation among aquaculture interests;
  • To facilitate a public environment in which the Canadian aquaculture industry can achieve its full potential;
  • To provide real and measurable benefits to members.

Employment Opportunity

There are currently no job vacancies at Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance.