Meet the CAIA Emerging Leaders Council!

Gillian Tobin-Huxley

Gillian Tobin-Huxley



What is an emerging leaders council?

Emerging leaders councils focus on bringing the perspectives of young people to senior leaders, government officials, and sometimes the media. They consist of a selected, representative group of youth who are excited and eager to share what they’ve experience  in their workplace, industry or community. Emerging leaders councils are viewed as respected advisors who provide their input, make recommendations, and spearhead initiatives.

How are you selecting the CAIA Emerging Leaders Council?

A selection panel of representatives from CAIA’s board and staff will review all applications and conduct interviews of potential candidates. We’re looking for young people under age 35 that have experience working in the aquaculture industry, and perhaps have been involved in industry-wide initiatives through research, volunteering or regional associations.

What is CAIA hoping to achieve with an emerging leaders council?

We want to better connect young professionals in our sector who can be ambassadors for the sector, and also advise CAIA about the sector and the interests of young people.

What are the commitments of the CAIA Emerging Leaders Council?

You can volunteer as much or as little time as you have available to the CAIA Emerging Leaders Council. At a minimum, we ask that you participate in monthly discussion meetings by conference call and once a year in-person at the CAIA annual conference. You can also volunteer your time towards providing input and ideas on an ad hoc basis, towards special projects the council proposes, or towards representing the industry at national or regional events. We do request that employers support travel costs to participate in CAIA’s annual conference in Ottawa.

If you have questions or want to learn more about the new CAIA Emerging Leaders Council, contact RJ Taylor, inaugural chair, at