Market Access & Development

CAIA 2018-2021 AgriMarketing Project Proposal

CAIA has submitted a project proposal for funding under the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) AgriMarketing Program: National Industry Association (NIA) Component.

Titled, Canadian Farmed Seafood International Marketing Project, the project was developed with the support of twenty-two member partners and covers a three years period (2018 - 2021).

Over 120 member activities such as trade shows, promotional campaigns and sales missions have been aggregated into six species-oriented work plans, namely: 1) Salmonids, 2) Mussels, 3) Oysters, 4) Sablefish, 5) Sturgeon Meat, Caviar & Salmonid Ova and 6) All Canadian Farmed Seafood.

Project Objectives

  • Raise awareness of the premium quality of Canadian farmed seafood products to increase demand, market share and price,
  • Raise awareness of the sustainable farming practices of the Canadian aquaculture industry to increase demand, market share and price,
  • Raise awareness of Canada’s rigorous food safety system to increase demand, market share and price,
  • Identify new and underdeveloped submarkets within the U.S., and
  • Identify export markets for lesser known Canadian farmed seafood products.

Next Steps

CAIA has received acknowledgement from AAFC that the project proposal has been received and deemed complete and a review of the proposal will be undertaken. The published service standards for the program indicate that AAFC will notify CAIA in writing of a final decision within 100 business days from the date your application was deemed complete (June 1st, 2018).