Government Relations

Government Activity Update

There is a high level of federal government activity this summer related to our sector.

All departments with a responsibility for aquaculture continue to meet regularly and are developing integrated proposals for consideration for the 2019 Budget.

Treasury Board Secretariat (TBC) is formally launching its regulatory streamlining initiative, with Agri-Foods and Aquaculture as one of three key sectors to receive immediate attention. CAIA is preparing a submission that will reiterate our overall goals, as well as identify short-term, practical changes that can help the sector advance.

The Agri-Food Economic Tables are the outcome of the Barton Report recommendations. Richard Harry (Aboriginal Aquaculture Association – AAA) is the aquaculture representative. The Economic Tables have prepared recommendations for the Innovation, Science & Economic Development Minister to target actions to support economic growth. Aquaculture is receiving very positive attention, and this will support the work of the interdepartmental recommendations for Budget 2019.

CAIA will submit this week its recommendations for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to the MPA Advisory Panel. We are also preparing a submission for the House of Commons Finance Committee’s Pre-Budget Consultations.