CAIA Newsletter ~ Winter 2019

An Aquaculture Act for Canada

Canada’s Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers approve legislative development

In December 2018, CAIA and its members welcomed the support of the Canadian Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers (CCFAM) to advance the legislative development process for an Aquaculture Act in Canada.

Our industry has long advocated that the timely development and passage of a federal Aquaculture Act is the critical for the sustainable and competitive growth of aquaculture in Canada.

This important support from Ministers is very much appreciated and will provide a fresh look at seafood farming in Canada.

Canada remains the world’s only major farmed seafood producing country without modern national legislation specifically designed to govern a responsible and sustainable aquaculture industry. An Aquaculture Act for Canada will that will enhance sector transparency, facilitate the adoption of best practices and provide greater consistency and certainty for industry.

CAIA has signalled to stakeholders its readiness to collaborate in the modernization of federal legislation, regulations and programs and to keep Canada’s seafood farming businesses competitive, sustainable, innovative and growing.