2017 Report: Seafood Farming in Canada is Diverse, Sustainable & Growing


At Canada’s Farmed Seafood Policy Conference 2017 in Ottawa, November 21-22 CAIA featured the release a new annual report from CAIA, The State of Farmed Seafood in Canada 2017 - Sustainable, Diverse and Growing.

The report shows revenues reached $1.35 billion in 2016, and included an economic impact of $5.1 billion, jobs totaling 25,040, and Indigenous participation across the nation.

The encouraging outlook is based on the latest Statistics Canada data. Highlights from the report include:

Solid Production, Revenues & Exports in 2016

  • Revenues in 2016 of $1.347 billion, up from $918 million in 2015.
  • 2016 farmed seafood production was 200,565 tonnes – up from 190,111 in 2015.
  • Canada’s aquaculture exports in 2016 were valued at a record $1 billion.

Significant Economic Benefits to Canadians

  • In 2016, Canadian farmed seafood production and processing generated a total of over $5.1 billion in economic activity, $2 billion in GDP, and $1.16 billion in wages for 25,000 Canadian workers.

Indigenous Participation

  • Over 40 First Nation and Indigenous communities are now directly or indirectly involved in farming seafood in Canada.
  • Indigenous participation in farmed seafood is found in nine of the ten Canadian provinces.

The report is available online at www.aquaculture.ca.