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Introducing the CAIA National Youth Council

CAIA is proud to announce the launch of its National Youth Council. The Council will bring together young aquaculture professionals from across Canada to share experiences, learn from each other, and communicate about the sector to the broader public and government audiences. They will be “Youth Ambassadors” for the sector.

Led by Council Chair RJ Taylor (Ontario Aquaculture Association), the CAIA National Youth Council work towards a three-part mandate:

  1. Bring youth perspective to CAIA’s board and staff – The Council will be called upon to submit ideas or provide input on CAIA initiatives during planning phases or reviews.
  2. Advocate for the aquaculture industry – Council members will be trained ambassadors who can participate in meetings, interviews, or presentations with government, media, and community stakeholders at regional and national levels.
  3. Connect youth in aquaculture – The Council will develop initiatives that focus on connecting young people across the industry. For example, this could include social media campaigns, recruitment/retention initiatives, or youth-focused programming at CAIA’s annual conference.

The Council will be made up of 10-15 members (aged 35 and below) selected from applications, with attention to national representation and diversity. If you or someone you know would like to apply, please contact RJ Taylor by email: or cell: 519-375-6860.