CAIA Newsletter ~ Spring 2018

Aquaculture Act Update

CAIA’s long work to champion a federal Aquaculture Act is beginning to bear fruit. DFO and provincial partners, through the structure of the Canadian Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers (CCFAM) work, are finalizing the development of a policy document that outlines eleven key areas that a new federal Act should address.

We understand that, consistent with CAIA’s proposals and the interests of the provinces, the Act will be high-level and enabling, and respect the current jurisdiction of the provinces. The CCFAM policy document will come before the federal-provincial ministers for approval at the CCFAM meeting this summer or early fall, and the expectation is that Ministers will support moving to the next level of the federal government going to formal public consultations and drafting of the bill.

DFO is also leading an “all-government” dialogue and approach to aquaculture, including all federal departments in a policy exercise that will frame the government’s approach to aquaculture moving forward. While a 2019 election will likely interrupt the implementation of anything substantial, CAIA’s job is to move forward strongly and aggressively to make sure implementation is lined up for quickly after the election.