Industry by the Numbers

Facts and figures relating to Canada’s aquaculture industry, productivity and economic impact.

Economic Impact

The sector generates:
$5.4 Billion in economic activity in Canada
$2.2 Billion in GDP


Aquaculture Production Volume: 191,416 tonnes
Aquaculture Production Value: $1.39 billion
Aquaculture accounts for 16% of Canada’s total seafood production
Aquaculture accounts for over 33% of Canada’s total seafood value



Aquaculture employs 26,000 full time workers
Aquaculture generates $1.2 billion in labour income


Aquaculture Export Volume: >103,000 tonnes
Aquaculture Export Value: $897 million
Primary Export Destination: United States (94% of total exports)
Other Export Destinations: Japan, China,  Taiwan, Israel, Hong Kong

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