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2016 was a Banner Year for Canadian Farmed Seafood Exports

Record growth for responsible and sustainable Canadian aquaculture products

OTTAWA, ON – New export data reveals 2016 was a landmark year for aquaculture in Canada, and 2017 is filled with promising new opportunities according to the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Association,

“Canada’s fresh, healthy and sustainable farmed seafood is in high demand around the world,” said Ruth Salmon, Executive Director of CAIA. “Demand for Canadian aquaculture products like salmon, mussels and oysters continues to grow in markets as diverse as the USA, China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Yet, we have much still to accomplish.”

Aquaculture worldwide is among the fastest growing and most important food sectors in the world. Exports of Canadian aquaculture products in 2016 achieved a record $1Billion, up almost 40% from 2015.  

“2017 promises to be a year of new opportunity. We are encouraged by the leadership of Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc and his commitment to science, innovation and a new federal Aquaculture Act,” added Ms. Salmon.  “Working co-operatively we are poised to continue a responsible growth curve, delivering jobs, growth and opportunity across Canada.”

CAIA’s ultimate goal is continued Canadian aquaculture excellence, and delivering uniquely responsible, healthy and nutritious seafood that is in high demand around the world.

2016 Export Growth of Canadian Aquaculture by Market:
1.       USA: increased $254.6M over 2015 (34.17%)
2.       China: increased $31.3M (308.41%)
3.       Japan: increased $9.7M (105.67%)
4.       Taiwan: increased $4.1M (161.08%)
5.       Hong Kong: increased $2.2M (74.34%)
6.       Singapore: increased $0.48M (38.67%)
7.       South Korea: increased $0.71M (2,167.17%)

Canadian farmed salmon remains the primary aquaculture export, and the United States remains the primary export destination.


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Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA)
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