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Seafood Farmers Welcome Renewed Commitment to Sustainable Aquaculture Development in Canada

OTTAWA, ON – The Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) today welcomed the federal government’s renewed commitment to its Sustainable Aquaculture Program which will continue to foster a responsible and competitive Canadian industry.

“Farmed seafood is playing an increasingly important role in providing Canadians with an affordable and healthy diet. Today’s renewed commitment to sustainable aquaculture growth is an important recognition of that fact,” said Ruth Salmon, CAIA Executive Director. “We believe a sustainable and responsible industry is in the best interest of seafood farmers, the Canadian economy, and Canadian consumers.”

The $54 million commitment announced today will help address the industry’s challenges to future growth by streamlining regulations, improving regulatory management, increasing scientific knowledge and science-based decision-making, and ensuring transparency through enhanced public reporting.

In December of 2013, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) highlighted the importance of growing a sustainable global aquaculture industry to address global food security. Canada is ideally positioned to be a global leader in responsible aquaculture growth.

CAIA members today generate over $2 billion in economic activity, over $1 billion in GDP, and employ over 14,500 Canadians. Its mission is to unlock the full range of economic, environmental and public health benefits that flow from a competitive, sustainable and growing farmed seafood sector.