Smart New TV Ads Underscore Why We Farm Salmon

Click to watch the new TV ads!

BC Salmon Facts has released some cool new TV ads.

These 15-second animated graphic spots are not only good-looking – they’re straight to the point.

Each ad focuses on one of four key take-away facts about salmon farming, which apply to all Canadian farmed seafood production:

  • Economic value: farmed salmon is BCs largest agricultural export.
  • Efficient food production: salmon farming requires less land and feed than raising other livestock.
  • Food security: aquaculture is key to feeding a growing global population.
  • Ease wild stock pressure: the pressure to overfish the oceans would be even greater without aquaculture.

“Canadian salmon farmers, like all aquaculture producers, are committed in providing safe, quality seafood in a sustainable manner, but far too often aren’t given the credit they deserve,” said Ruth Salmon, Executive Director of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance. “We’re proud to see the BCSFA and its members standing up for this important industry and raising awareness of the benefits of salmon farming to British Columbians – and to all Canadians.”

The ads will run into the fall on television and online news sources. There are also online banner ads in rotation.

To check them out yourself, visit

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