CAIA Newsletter ~ Summer 2019

Election Season Preparations

The federal election is scheduled for Monday, October 21. While electioneering has been going on for many months, the formal start of election campaigning is expected in September.

CAIA is working closely with our provincial associations to reach out to key candidates across Canada. This will be through a letter and package of information as an introduction, to ensure candidates and their staff have the critical information necessary to positively reference our sector as a major opportunity for Canada. This basic information will be followed up by meetings with candidates who are identified as particularly important. We have also had many discussions with party policy teams to achieve positive language for seafood farming in platform commitments.

Finally, we have developed a CAIA Sustainable Growth Plan which sets out a list of regulatory and government machinery change proposals to be considered by senior federal bureaucrats in order to be considered by the new government.

Our message is clear and consistent: Seafood farming is a huge opportunity for Canada, Canadians and the world!