CAIA Newsletter ~ Spring 2019

Canada Farmed Seafood Represented at Premier Food Innovation Event


CAIA’s Tim Kennedy will be among the speakers at SIAL 2019 taking place in Toronto on April 30-May 2, 2019.

SIAL Canada brings together all the food industry’s major players under one roof. The event aims at bringing a unique experience to retail, catering and food processing professionals alike to discover the industry’s latest trends and innovations.

The event is attended by retail, catering and food processing professionals alike would be interested in learning about this important Canadian agri-food sector and the seafood we grow.

Tim’s presentation, ‘Farm of the Future, The New Soil’, will explore aquaculture - the farming of fish, shellfish and aquatic plants. Topics will cover the role of aquaculture in addressing the increasing global demand for seafood and the potential impact of Canadian seafood farming. The presentation will also address the myths surrounding farmed fish with answers to common consumer questions about farm practices and sustainability.

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