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September 10, 2010
CAIA Position: Genetically modified salmon

A Massachusetts-based company is seeking US regulatory approval for its genetically modified salmon eggs, which have been claimed to grow faster than conventional salmon.

On behalf of Canada’s aquaculture industry, which includes salmon farmers on both coasts, the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance would like to state its position on the matter:

  1. The Canadian aquaculture industry does not support the commercial production of transgenic fish for human consumption.
  2. The Canadian aquaculture industry is not researching or growing transgenic fish.
  3. Canada’s current fish breeding practices enable the production of quality products that are in high demand from both domestic and international markets.

Our position is consistent with that of the International Salmon Farmer’s Association and will not change until the transgenic fish has been declared safe by all relevant regulatory bodies AND until the market demands it.


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