3 Farmed Seafood Recipes for the Win on Game Day

If you’re looking to go beyond pizza and dip for this year’s Super Bowl menu, look no further than fresh, nutritious seafood. This round up of recipes features fresh Canadian farmed mussels, oysters and salmon which can all be prepared in 30 minutes or less, but are different enough to surprise and impress your guests.  

Mussels with Cider, Bacon & Dijon

Mussels are in-expensive and crowd-pleasing. Huddle around this aromatic, decadent dish with hunks of break in hand.

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Baked Oysters with Leek & Pancetta

Oysters are a mouth-watering delicacy. Blend their briny goodness with fresh smoky pancetta and leek to create these delectable bites.

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Atlantic Salmon Tacos with Avocado Tomato Salsa

This recipe for fresh, light fish tacos is great for a crowd. It features baked Atlantic salmon with a quick and easy seasoning rub. A healthy, flavourful go-to for game day.

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